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Hi I'm Taya! This is a small insight about me and my show. I hope you find it somewhat interesting and stick around. 


So a little bit behind me - I'm a 16 year old award winning radio presenter. I have my own show every Friday, which I hope some of you guys have listened to. 

I started out on the breakfast show with the incredible Wayne Conyers - tiny Taya had no clue what she was doing at this point. I've learnt many things as I've progressed, like things I can and can't say on air; I can safely say I haven't said anything too bad! 

The fact that I've won a Young Audio Award award is still crazy to me, and I'm very thankful to everyone that's gotten me here. It means the absolute world to be known as "Taya Walters, Rising Star (12-15)". (Personally I feel like I should change my name to that). 

My Show 

My show isn't your average drive time show, trust me. I like to keep it light-hearted and funny as I'm sure no one wants a serious Taya on a Friday afternoon.

To keep it a little professional I'll give you fresh traffic and weather updates every half an hour. I'll also give you guys a lovely round up on what I've found on the internet recently, and keep it happy with some throwbacks and new music. 

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