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Academy FM supported by The Tudor Trust for two years

Academy FM's work is supported by the Tudor Trust for a two-year period from April 2016. Many of our funders support individual projects, but the Tudor Trust supports our core operation such as staff salaries and broadcast license fees. Such support is very valuable, and without it Academy FM wouldn't be able to deliver the raft of educational work, projects, and community work that we do.

The Tudor Trust support a wide range of projects, including a number of charities like Academy FM who work with young people in deprived areas. They often fund running costs, and help many charities in the UK as well as some abroad including a number in Africa. Find out more at

Running a radio station is not simple or cheap, especially if the aim is to deliver educational work alongside the benefits to the community that our broadcasts and information provides. One example of the costs we incur is our licenses to broadcast - every year we pay the regulator Ofcom fees that cover our FM transmission, as well as copyright management organisations such as PPL and PRS.


The fact that we run a radio station allows us to deliver creative, unique and exciting projects.... but running a radio station comes at a cost. We are very grateful to the Tudor Trust for helping us in this way. 

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